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Moulded studs, screw-on studs, flat soles… It’s not always easy to choose the right football shoes.

Especially as this choice depends on many parameters such as the experience of the player or the surface of the field and your budget, but question of budget you can opt for second-hand studs if you are a beginner. 

Moulded studs: dry or synthetic ground

This is a model that you are bound to come across on dry or very wet terrain, surfaces for which this type of stud is particularly suitable. In general, the number of studs varies between 10 and 16 for each foot, although some brands go beyond that. Moulded studs, which can be made of plastic or hard rubber, provide the player with optimum grip. They make dribbling and sudden moves easier without the risk of falling, as a good grip on the ground promotes balance. 

The shape of the studs is also a factor to be taken into account: round studs adapt to any type of surface, while spiked studs are more suited to natural grass. All in all, the moulded studs are a perfect fit for beginners, as well as for those who practice their sport on a hard surface such as clay or artificial turf.

Screwed studs: a greasy or wet surface

Unlike moulded studs, which are an integral part of the sole, screwed studs are attached from above. They are therefore replaceable via a screw or clip system, allowing them to withstand the test of time and wear and tear. They are also fewer in number: there are generally six in all (two large at the rear and two more discreet at the front). These studs are usually made of aluminum or nylon. 

The idea is to be able to anchor its supports in the ground and thus use the pair on surfaces that are difficult to walk on (soft ground, fat, mud…). You will then avoid the traditional slips that are often found on greasy or over-watered grounds. Note that the screwed crampons are intended for experienced players and that it is advisable for younger players to fall back on a pair of moulded crampons. Indeed, screwed studs require some preparation: make sure the sole is thick enough to absorb the shock at the level of your arch.

Matter: a parameter not to be neglected.

Beyond the aesthetic question, the material of your shoes will have to be carefully chosen according to your profile. Naturally conforming to the shape of your feet, a pair of leather shoes allows a certain suppleness and a precise ball touch. Synthetic shoes, on the other hand, are much more durable and require less maintenance than leather models. 

The emergence of futsal has been accompanied by a new (almost flat) indoor sole designed with rubber for maximum grip on dry ground. These comfortable models are also frequently encountered on the street. So it all depends on what motivates you to buy, even if the ideal is to alternate pairs according to the situation!

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